My Latest Impulse Purchase….

The wedding season is picking up slowly. I am having a wedding in my family next week as well…. my youngest brother is getting married. So the preparations are already in full swing. Though I had already finished a majority of my shopping, my hubby’s shopping was still pending. And yesterday we finished a major chunk of that as well.

So… as it happens with many of us, after we finished our shopping and were heading to have some coffee, something caught my eye. We passed by Nine West store, and there I caught a glimpse of a pretty clutch displayed in colors gold and and silver, and I had to stop.

I entered the store to have a look, after having a go ahead from my sweet hubby, and I was totally in love with what I saw. And it was available in other colors as well….. a pretty black and a bronze. So guess, which one I ended up buying…


Yes, the BLACK one!!! One of the sarees that I am planning to wear at the wedding is a very modern looking pretty pink and black… and I feel this clutch will go perfectly with it. And it will go equally well with western outfits as well. It is elegant, chic and very sophisticated.It is a little shimmery black piece with gold colored hardware…. a classic combination in my opinion.


The only downfall was that since it was the fresh stock, there was no discount going on.I normally don’t like spending this much money on a clutch, because I find it has a limited utility. But it was hard for me to say no to this one. Hope to enjoy this one as much I think I will!!! Anyone looking for a classy clutch should definitely check it out.

Price: INR 5890

Colors: Black,Silver,Gold,Bronze



The beginning……….


I am starting this blog to share, to discuss, and to learn.

Hopefully this blog will serve as a channel to discuss about number of topics…. from makeup to skincare to home decor to travel to cooking.

Please share this journey with me.

Stay tuned….


Clinique Clarifying Lotion-Skin Type 2

Here I am writing my first review, still a bit undecided where to start.  I will be reviewing the Clinique Clarifying Lotion for Skin Type 2, which currently retails for INR 2800 for 400 ml.

20151124_154934.jpgBefore heading to the actual product review,let me give a background to my skin. I have been careless about my skin throughout my school and college life, and even after getting married. Fortunately enough I did not have any major skin issues growing up- my skin was on oilier side at that time, still no major acne or any other problems. I was careless about what I was using on my face, or should I say what I was not using on my face. I hated using sunscreen(still hate it) as it made my skin feel sweaty and unable to breathe. So far so good….

But over the last 2.5 years,my skin started feeling the toll of all the neglect. My skin started feeling stretchy all the time and no amount of moisturizer made it feel better for more than a couple of hours. It started looking dull and lackluster, and pigmentation started to be obvious.

It is then that one day I decided to do something about it. I was visiting Ambience mall in gurgaon, and decided to go to Clinique. The SA there listened carefully and examined my skin. His assessment was that I was Skin type 2 according to clinique, which is dry combination, and I was on the drier side. I bought their 3 step skin care regimen, and I have been buying some of the products since.

This clarifying lotion is the second step in the process, to be used after the face wash and before the moisturizer.Just put on some cotton and clean skin in one direction.It claims to remove dull,flakes to uncover skin that’s vibrant,glowing,refines pore and helps skin accept moisture.

I have been using it for last 2.5 years and I LOVEEEE it!!!! It actually removes all the dead skin and dirt and make your skin ready for next step.I really see a major difference if somehow I skip it for a day or two… the dead skins on the cotton pad say it all. If I have to choose only one product of the clinique 3 step regime, then it is a hands down winner. One of the rare products that I stock up in my stash. Only the price is a bit on higher side, but if you can spare some bucks, it is a must try product.

Price: INR 2800 for 400ml(smaller size available too)

Rating:4/5 (1 point deducted only for the price tag)