Jergens Ultra Healing For Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer Review

I am back from my brother’s wedding after almost a week. It was such a fun trip with the complete family and relatives that I am already missing being there. Wish I could have been there for a longer time!

Anyways,today I am going to review a product that I have been meaning to try for a long time, but somehow did not manage to do. I have dry skin on my face and super dry skin on my body. Especially the skin on my legs and back tends to get very dry in winters. But lately as the winters started approaching, my skin got drier and drier, thanks to my carelessness to moisturize my body regularly.

So when the things got so bad that my legs started getting a white cast all over, and every now and then I started getting itchy skin, I decided to get into serious mode. I started using Vaseline body lotion as well as Neutrogena Norwegian Formula but it did nothing for my super dehydrated skin. That is when I ordered this product in sheer desperation. I had used some other variant of Jergens years back, but did not enjoy it very much, but I still wanted to try this one.


I have been using this moisturizer once every day for last 2 weeks, and I am ready to review it. During the first 2 or 3 days, my skin drank this lotion greedily. No matter how much I applied, my skin used to soak it up completely. Not only this, my skin used to get dry after 10-12 hours of application. But after the initial phase, my skin started getting better and I now need way less quantity than I used to. And it keeps my skin hydrated for almost 24 hours now. Not only is it great at hydration, it has made my skin super soft.Amazing stuff!!!! And did I mention this stuff smells heavenly????

I am totally in love with this body lotion and I think I am going to use it for a long time. Although the weather is not too harsh right now, but I would love to see how it performs during the extreme cold weather.

All said and done, in my opinion, this is an excellent body lotion. Any one struggling with dry body skin should give it a try. A big thumbs up to Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion from my side.

Price: INR 339 for 436 ml (Don’t remember exact price and may vary site to site)

Rating: 5/5 (Might be less effective in harsh winter, but as of now it is working great)



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