November Empties/Discards and The Verdict…

Chill in the air!

Early morning fog!

Late evening fog!

Winter is here!

Ok… lets talk about the topic now. There are couple of items I managed to finish up in the last month (Yayyy… ). This post is all about those products that I used up (or almost used up) and my take on them.

DSC_06521.Vaseline Total Moisture: First of all, I don’t remember when I bought it and WHY I bought it! I guess I bought it somewhere in the beginning of the year after hearing some good stuff about it. But how disappointed I was! It does not hydrate my skin even a little, just leaves a greasy layer. And I hate the smell. I finished it up over the year by using it on and off. And I am glad that it is finished.

Verdict: Will not buy again!

2.Clinique Clarifying Lotion Type 2: I don’t have to write much about it as I have a full post on this amazing product. I have used up a 200 ml bottle this month, which I normally reserve for my travelling. And I already am on my new 400 ml bottle. I just love this stuff!

Verdict:Will Definitely buy again!

3.Oriflame Happy Skin Hydrating Hand Cream: Again one of the products that I bought long time back. I didn’t find it hydrating enough and to me it smells weird. I like my hand creams to be very hydrating and smell amazing, so somehow I didn’t like using it on both the aspects. I have been using it occasionally and there is still some left in the tube. But I am going to throw it away anyways.

Verdict: Will not buy again!

4.Fabindia Vitamin-E De-pigmentation cream: This cream was bought around 2 years back.I don’t like the texture nor do I like the smell of this cream. It is very heavy in its appearance in the tub, although not so heavy on the skin. Although I have heard many good things about it, still I can’t bring myself around using it. Tried using it on my legs and arms to finish it up but ….. More than a year left for the expiration and hardly any used, it  is definitely going in the trash!

Verdict: Will not buy again!

5.Olay Total Effects 7 in one day cream with SPF 15: I had some good experience with Olay moisturizer that used to come without SPF.So I wanted to try this variant as well. Although it moisturized my skin well in summers and made my skin softer, somehow it caused me to breakouts. I discontinued using it for couple of days and again tried after my skin cleared up. Again the breakouts! I guess the SPF part has to do something with it. It’s a shame that I can’t use it because otherwise it is a decent everyday moisturizer.

Verdict: May buy again!

6.Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume: This perfume was a gift from one of my relatives from U.S. And I fell in love with the fragrance from the first sniff! I was using this perfume throughout the summer and finished it up last month. It is a big accomplishment for me because I keep on collecting perfumes and never manage to finish any. But this was my go to perfume last summer. Very pleasant and mild fragrance.

Verdict:Will Definitely buy again!


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