L’oreal Total Repair 5 Masque Review

So, I have been using this L’oreal Total Repair 5  hair masque for a while now. I am about to finish it, so there could not be a better time to review it.

L’oreal Total Repair 5 is supposed to be a Total Repairing Masque for damaged hair. The packaging refers to it as a 2 minute intensive treatment, which means you have to use it for 2 minutes on washed hair, and then rinsed off. It is supposed to fight 5 signs of hair damage, which are: Hair fall, Dryness, Roughness, Dullness and Split Ends.

Price: INR 350 for 200 gm.

20151213_153400The masque is white in color, thick creamy consistency and has a very pleasant smell. All the things to like!!! It is packed in a sturdy white and red plastic container, and given the thick creamy consistency of the product, I feel is the best packing option.

I have fine straight hair, so roughness was not my concern while buying L’oreal Total Repair Masque. I was facing hair fall, split ends and slight dullness.

I have been using this masque for almost 3 months now. Rather than using it as an intensive treatment, I have been using it as a regular conditioner after every wash, and it has lasted me a long time. The masque works really well as a conditioner. It leaves hair conditioned, smooth and less tangled. It makes hair smoother and shinier on natural drying ( I don’t often use hair dryer and love to air dry my hair). I noticed a huge difference how my hair look when I use this masque and at times I skip using it. And I enjoy the subtle fragrance it leaves behind!

But unfortunately, it has done nothing to the problem of hair fall. I am still having the same amount of hair fall I was having earlier, so I guess it is not effective in controlling that. At least it failed in my case!

Apart from that, I feel it is a decent and pocket friendly product, that can be used as a conditioner as well, if hair fall is not your main concern. I would suggest using it as your regular hair conditioner, because it works quite well on that front. In case you need help with hair fall, a separate and better product can be included along with it.

Flawed or Fab?

Fab with little flaws 🙂

Rating: 3/5

Will I repurchase L’oreal Total Repair 5 Masque again?

Yes, but to be used as a hair conditioner and not intensive hair treatment.

Have any of you used this hair masque?? Please comment to share your experiences.


12 thoughts on “L’oreal Total Repair 5 Masque Review

    • Oh I understand. Even it did nothing good for my hair fall as well, but it didn’t make it worse either. I don’t have rough hair, so I don’t know how it works on roughness. But I had good use out of it as a regular conditioner.


      • I didn’t use it as conditioner! But now I am satisfied with my oil treatment and Dove deep repair masque! You should try that. It makes my hair manageable and soft.


      • That is nice to know that you found the products that are working for you. Has Dove deep masque reduced your hairfall? I have Wella Professionals hair masque lying around now, but will definitely try out Dove if it worked for you.


      • I think my oiling routine helped with the hairfall. The dove one just makes my hair manageable and soft. The combination of them worked for me. How is the Wella one? I have heard mixed views on it.


  1. I have yet to use it. I just finished this one, will start the new one from next wash onwards.
    For me it was an impulse buy! Let’s see if it works or not. But given the high price for this as compared to L’oreal one, I will be very hurt if it disappointed me.


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