Benefit they’re Real! Mascara Review

Taking a break from skincare, today I am reviewing a beauty product. It is Benefit they’re Real! mascara. The people in beauty world were going gaga over this product. I am a person with very small eyelashes, so after listening to all good things that people around the globe had to say about it, I decided to buy it. I got mine from Sephora.

Price: INR 1800 for 8.5 gm


Benefet they’re Real! Mascara

It comes in a beautiful steel grayish packaging, and it looks very adorable to me. The applicator brush is decent sized and quite functional. No cons from my side for the packaging and the applicator!!

As I have told you earlier as well, I have very small eyelashes. Whenever I decide to dress up a bit, I somehow always give a preference to the mascara than the kohl ( as against majority of the Indian girls!). My preference in mascara is one that lengthens without adding too much of thickness to the lashes. And boy, Benefit they’re Real! mascara definitely does that!


(Single Coat)

I love the fact how it instantly lengthens my lashes, but does not make it too clumpy. It provides a clean look to the eyes, which looks very natural. You can layer it up multiple times, and it adds a little bit more length and volume to the lashes. And I like the fact that the color is pure black. It is a perfect day time mascara for ย me, and definitely my most loved till date. It is one of the rare products that I have used, which has lived up to all the hype.

The only cons for me are the price and the fact that it makes lashes a bit still. Other than that, it is a pure joy to use for me.

Fab or Flawed???


Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase Benefit they’re Real! mascara again???

Definitely yes.

I guess many of you must have already used it, please share your experience in the comments.



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