Wella Professionals System Professional Smoothen Mask Review

I have finally finished the L’oreal  Total Repair 5 mask and have started using my new hair mask. I have used it three times now, and I think I am ready to review it now.

Te product that I am reviewing today is Wella Professionals System Professional Smoothen hair mask. This mask comes in a rectangular shaped white plastic container with a purplish-blue cap. The cap is not very sturdy, as I have already mentioned here that my cap already was broken. The mask itself is pale yellow in color, with a mild pleasant smell to it.

Price: INR 995 for 200 ml

20151223_125156Product Description:

“Infused with a Vitamin-rich blend of Avocado Oil, Hydrolysed Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5, Smoothen Mask rejuvenates, nourished and deeply conditions unmanageable, thick, coarse and frizzy hair. Wella SP’s exclusive Active Cashmere Complex effectively detangles, smoothes and calms the hair structure to protect against frizz and improve manageability.

Smoothen Mask delivers exceptional results after the first application and leaves the hair noticeably smoother, healthier and more manageable with all signs of frizz diminished.”

Directions to use:

“Work evenly into pre-shampooed towel-dried hair.Leave on for up to 5 minutes.Rinse thoroughly.”

My hair is straight, fine and a little dry. I often have trouble with split ends and hair fall. I use this product as directed. After using this mask, I have seen shine in my hair, along with softness and easy to manage hair. Since my hair are fine, they tangle very easily. This mask leaves my hair super soft and untangled after wash. It also leaves a very mild fresh smell in my hair.

The only con for me is the fact that I have to leave this mask for good 5 minutes in my hair as opposed to my L’oreal one.Sometimes my patience gives up, but it works fine even if I wash it off a little early. It is also on a bit expensive side, but if it works true to its claim, it can be justifiable.

I find this mask true to its claim of making hair soft and manageable. But my hair are not that frizzy to begin with, but still I think it is a decent job. It is a product trying out at least once in my opinion.

Flawed or Fab?


Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase Wella SP Smoothen Mask again?

Probably not, and that is not because this product is not good. It is simply because I think that my hair can do well with some other mask as well since my hair are not that unruly.

Have anyone of you used Wella SP Smoothen Mask??? I will love to hear how this mask worked out for different hair type.


19 thoughts on “Wella Professionals System Professional Smoothen Mask Review

  1. winters make my hair dry, Nice review, great to know about this product and as usual you give the best review esp. for a person who has little information about beauty products like me, it is really helpful, thank you.

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