The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Review

I need lip balms all the time. Through out the year, my lips tend to get dry, and I have to use a lip balm all around the year, though the frequency increases substantially during winters. And I think this is a case with so many of us out there. I have been using and loving Maybelline Baby Lips for a long while now. The Nivea lip balms did nothing to me, and once I tried the Body Shop Born Lippy lip balms which come in a pot, I found out that I am more into stick lip balms than the pot ones.

I have been hearing so much good things about the Vitamin E product line, so I decided to give a try to their Vitamin E Lip Care.

Price: INR 350 for 4.2 gm

20151228_121024Product Claims on website:

This moisturising lip balm soothes and protects lips from the drying effects of the sun, wind and cold weather”

  • Soothes dry lips
  • With SPF 15

The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care comes with an SPF 15, which is an added advantage. The lip balm comes in a pale pink plastic stick packing, with a transparent cap. The product comes out by rolling from the bottom, and the lip balm looks pale in color in the stick. But it does not show any color on the lips.That makes it perfect for the men in the house as well!!!

I have been using this lip balm for almost a week now and I LOVEEEE it! It actually keeps my lips moisturized longer than any other lip balm that I have ever used. It contains coconut oil and olive oil along with other ingredients, and they do  pretty decent job of keeping lips soft and moisturized. There is no waxy feeling after applying this balm, which, to be honest, happens at times with my favorite Maybelline Baby Lips as well. I tried putting it on at night before sleep, and I felt a major difference in my lips in the morning. I put it on, and it feels that it gets absorbed in the lips. Moments later I even forget that I have something on my lips, but it keeps on doing its job silently and efficiently.

The best thing about this TBS Vitamin E Lip Care is that you can use it as a lip treatment as well. I find it apt for times when you don’t want that extra tint on your lips, just a regular lip balm. I tried using it under my lipstick as well. Now most of the lipsticks tend to make my lips dry, and I find lipstick slipping on my lips with other lip balms. But this one worked amazingly well. My lips were totally hydrated even after hours of wearing lipstick, and it didn’t cause any trouble in making the process of putting on lipstick bothersome.

I am totally in love with this lip balm, and I can safely say that this one is going to be HG lip product now. I love using it all the time!!!

Flawed of Fab???


Rating: 5/5

Will I repurchase The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care???

Definitely Yes.




10 thoughts on “The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Review

  1. This was a much needed post and review. Winters make my lips chapped and I needed reliable lip balm, always have heard positive feedback about Bodyshop products from friends, guess I should be getting this now. Thank you so much for the review dear. It helps. No color pigment makes it best to even us, I am a fan of blistex but I hardly get it around here so have been using Maybelline since an year. Thanks for sharing, will get it asap and come back here again to share my experience. Loves. Tc

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  2. I have that too! It’s one of my work essentials since the air is so dry at my office. Plus, it seems since I don’t need to reapply it so many times it lasts so much longer. I talked a bit about the lip palm in my Work Essentials posts too ^.^

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