5 Favorite Products This Winter

I can’t believe that January is almost over. It just felt like it had only two weeks, the first with all the joy and fun of a new year, and then straight into the last week. Since the month is about to end, I think this is a perfect time to share 5 products I loved the most this winter. This is the first time that I have used all of these products and I am in love with them already!!!


For face, I loved using Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant a lot. This was my first product from this brand, and I totally loved using it as an exfoliator this winter. Though I have been using it 2-3 times a week rather than daily as recommended, I am totally happy with the results. This has taken a place in my routine as my scrub, and you can read more about it here.

For my eyes, I have been loving the Kaya Brightening and Firming Serum, which I have recently reviewed here. It is a product that has really worked well for my eyes despite all my doubts, and I am excited to see how much better the results can be in future.

My lips have been loving my new lip balm, The Bodyshop Vitamin E Lip Care. This has completely bowled  me over, and I think I am going to use it for a long time. My go to lip color has been Rouge Dior Baume 660 Coquette, again a new product that I am totally in love with! I don’t have to think even once before putting it on, because I know my lips will be totally taken care of along with the lovely color. Check out the shade here if you already have not!

Last but not the least, Jergens Ultra Healing has been my most beloved body moisturizer this winter. So glad I got this one! Check this one out if you are really looking for an effective body lotion for super dry skin.

Did any of the above products made a way into your list??? What have you been loving this winter???


Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

Amazon India was having some really good deals on Real Techniques brushes on their Republic Day Sale. I wanted to try some of RT brushes already, so when I saw the sale, I ended up buying some brushes at amazing discounts. The brush that I was looking forward to most was the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, and I am sharing my views about the same today.

Price: INR 729 after discount ( How awesome is that!!!)


Product Details (As per website):

This dual-fiber brush is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup:

  • look pixel-perfect even in harsh light
  • ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • self-standing for easy storage
  • extended aluminum handle is light and easy to use

Real Techniques Stippling Brush is a pretty looking brush, with pink and black handle and dual shade fibers. Very cute and girly! It comes securely packed in a plastic see through pack, which keeps its bristles safe during the transportation.

I have never owned a stippling brush before this one, and I really wanted to invest in one. I really love the feel of the bristles of this brush. They are super soft, and feel awesome on the skin. I tried putting on my Mac Studio Sculpt foundation with it, and it worked like a charm! The application was smooth and flawless. I really liked the final result of the foundation with this stippling brush. Just be sure to dot the foundation on face and then stipple, and not pick up the product directly with this brush.


I tried using it with a BB cream as well, and the results were mind blowing with it as well. The finish was extremely smooth and lovely. In my experience this brush works really well with both heavy coverage as well as sheer coverage products. Just for the review purpose, I washed my brush after use and there was no shedding of bristles. Also the bristles restored their previous white tips, making it look extremely clean.

I totally recommend this Real Techniques Stippling Brush to everyone, especially if you are trying out with brushes or struggle with achieving flawless base. I have couple of MAC brushes which I find extremely over priced, these Real techniques brushes are really much more economical and of excellent quantity. If you have to buy just one brush from Real Techniques, I think this should be the one!

Flawed or Fab???


Rating:4.5/5 (Only because there is lot of variation in price of RT brushes in India)

Will I recommend the Real Techniques Stippling Brushes to others???

Definitely yes!!! It is worth a try.

NUXE Serum Merveillance Visible Expression Lines Review

On my last visit to Sephora, I picked up a serum from a french brand called NUXE. I have been on hunt for a good serum, though I had recently picked up Clinique  Sculptwear Lift and Contour serum and was already using it, which I have already reviewed here. But this one from Nuxe seemed to be so reasonably priced as compared to Clinique one that I thought of giving it a try. I have been using it for more 15 days now, and thought of reviewing this was a right time to review it.

Price: INR 3400 for 30 ml

IMG_0867Product Description:

This concentrated serum instantly smoothes and detenses skin. It fills in the appearance of visible expression lines. Immediately facial features appear more relaxed, visible signs of fatigue look diminished;skin seems to glow. Face and eye contour.”

Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacturing

The NUXE Visible Expression Lines Serum comes in a heavy glass bottle with a pump. The serum is of thicker consistency than most of the serums, and is light yellow in color. The serum smells strongly citrus. It might be a problem for sensitive nose, though the smell does not linger on for a long time.

I usually need two pumps for whole of my face and neck. It is creamy in texture, and hydrates a little as well. The skin immediately feels smooth after applying this serum. Since I have dry skin, I follow it up with my regular moisturizer.

After using for some time, I have not seen any visible difference in the fine lines, though my lines are not that visible to start with. But this serum has definitely made my skin more plump and softer. This has helped with my pigmentation as well. When I had started using Clinique Sculptwear, I had started noticing my pigmentation decreasing, though that serum was not actually meant for that. This serum has further helped to lighten pigmentation, especially I dark patch that I had on my cheek. It has started lightening with Clinique and has further improved while using this serum. It did not cause any irritation or break outs as well.

That said, I am not a fan of the smell. Also i have used it only for 15 days, once per day, and I am already half through the bottle. That way, it will last me hardly a month, and that too if I use it once a day. So I am not sure if that will turn out to be more economical than Clinique or Estee Lauder serum, since less cost was one of the reason I bought it. But is is still a decent serum, and I think it will be great for people who are just starting out with serums or ones who have serious visible lines can definitely try it out.

Rating: 3/5

Will I repurchase and recommend the NUXE Visible Expression Lines Serum to others???

I will probably not repurchase this serum, as I feel I am not the right target for this product. I will recommend this serum only to those who have serious fine lines and want to try something out.


Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum Review

This is the first product that I have tried from this brand. Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum was a part of my mini haul that I talked about in an earlier post. I have some serious dark circles and pigmented lids, and I have tried couple of eye creams from No.7, Forest Essentials and Clinique, but unfortunately nothing has ever worked for me. I have been aware of this brand for some time now, but never felt like buying anything from them. But on my last hunt for a good eye serum, I ended up buying this serum.

Price: INR 990 for 10 ml


Product Description (As per website):

“It contains a synergetic active complex of soy and rice peptides, yeast protein, hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract. This potent combination targets puffiness and discoloration and enhances firmness around the eyes.”

How to use:

“Apply 1 to 2 drops, using your finger gently around eyes, twice a day. Do not rub.”

The serum comes in a dark brown glass bottle, with a dropper. Now I had a story about the first bottle I got. Out of curiosity, I opened it while we were having our coffee in the mall itself, and I was shocked to see the bottle almost empty. There was a leakage of the product around the head of the dropper, which has accumulated around it. I went back to the store to exchange it, and when the SA saw the bottle he changed it immediately. The look on his face indicated that it might have happened with others also. So my advice, open the bottle in the store and check!

The serum is totally colorless, odorless and slightly thicker than water in consistency. It is not very thick, and is easy to dab and gets absorbed quickly. I use it once a day, although it can be used twice if needed. I just need 1 drop for both of my eyes, and I feel this serum will easily last me for more than 2 months.

I have been using Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum for more than 2 weeks now, and I am impressed!!!!! This serum started working well within days and I saw dramatic results after 1 week of use. So much so that I wanted to review it earlier, but I patiently waited to give it at least 2 weeks before I made up my opinion. It has decreased my under eyes pigmentation to a greater extent. Not only that, my lids are also a lot lighter in color! There is still some pigmentation and dark circles, but I have heavy dark circles. And it worked so well when even brands like Clinique and Forest essentials failed to do anything for me!

This serum also works on eye puffiness. Now using it daily does not actually avoid getting puffy eyes, but when ever I apply this serum to my puffy under eyes, it decreases it to a great extent. This serum totally delivers what it claims to do! And my eyes are totally happy with this serum, no irritation or anything! I am highly impressed with this eye serum and for the price, it is totally worth it!!!

Flawed or Fab???


Rating: 5/5

Will I recommend Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum to others???

Yes, I highly recommend every one with dark circles to give it a try! Out of all the expensive eye creams that I used, this one turned out to be the only one to show any results.

Forest Essentials Lip Scrub Review- Cane Sugar

First of all, a very Happy Republic Day! This week has started slow for me, I have not written much and it is already Tuesday. The winter is getting harsh and making me lazy. But today I am determined to write at least one post. I am going to review my recent purchase- Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub.

Price: INR 475 for 8 g


Product Description ( As per website):

Our lip scrub, with sugar cane juice, sugar crystals and beeswax, is used to gently exfoliate dry dead skin on your lips and prepare them for a nourishing butter lip balm“.

Key Ingredients:

Sunflower seed oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Kokum Seed Butter, Organic Beeswax, Cane Sugar, Vitamin E, Grape Juice, Rose Flower Extract, Sweet Orange Peel Oil.

The scrub comes packed in a small transparent tub with golden cap. Me Like 🙂 . The scrub smells amazing too. It has a very sweet smell to it, though it is not over powering at all. I am not a fan of fruity smell, but I like this one a lot. It is light yellow in color, and it is solid in consistency at room temperature. However, I think as the weather will change, it’s consistency will change to a bit more runny. The product has a shelf life of 1 year.

I need a very small amount for my lips. Now When i tried it on my hand, I found it a bit harsh, but surprisingly it feels very gentle on lips. I gently exfoliate my lips using a small amount and I am good to go. It feels very moisturizing on lips and effectively removes all the dead and dry skin. I gently wipe it with a tissue and keep it that way before washing it off after some times. I do not need a lip balm for some time after using it. I simply LOVEEEE this lip scrub. After some failures with the brand, I think I am now hitting it off quite well.

This lip scrub is such an efficient product. Although lip scrub can be easily made at home using some of the ingredients mentioned, but I find it perfect for lazy people like me who will not like to go through that trouble, or for days when you are short on time but need to really take care of dry lips. A must have in your stash in my opinion!

Flawed or Fab:


Rating: 4/5 ( Might feel a bit expensive)

Will I repurchase and recommend Forest Essentials Lip Scrub Cane Sugar to others???

Yes, I will definitely recommend it as well as repurchase it when needed. Although I think it will take a long time to finish this one.

Any one of you have tried this Forest Essentials lip scrub yet???? Please share your experiences with me if you have.

Home made mask for troubled skin

I am having a troubled skin for past few days. Little bumps, some breakouts, uneven skin tone, along with some other issues are troubling me. The reason for the same has been a product, but I will discuss all about the incident in another post as I am still waiting back to hear on my complaint. Anyways, my main problem has been the break outs that happened, and I decided to go back to a home remedy to get some respite. It is a simple mask that I made from staple kitchen items and it has helped me to a certain extent. Let me share it with you, all you need is:

Besan ( Gram flour)– 2 table spoons

Turmeric– a pinch

Honey– few drops

Almond oil– around 5 drops

Milk 1-2 tablespoons

Mix besan and turmeric in a bowl. Add few drops of honey( 3-4 drops) and almond oil to it. Mix well. Not add milk to it, few drops at a time, to make a paste. Be careful not to make the pack too runny, we need a paste consistency.

Apply this pack on the face and neck with clean fingers or a pack brush. Leave it on for around 15 minutes. If the pack feels a little dry earlier, pat with some milk. Gently scrub and wash off with water after 15 minutes.

This pack instantly brightens up the face, and exfoliates mildly, leaving your face smooth and supple. Both turmeric and honey have anti bacterial properties, and help to fight off the break outs. I add few drops of almond oil as I have dry skin, and it provides hydration for my skin.

This pack has helped me to take care of some break outs due to bad reaction. I have used it 2 times over the span of 4 days, although 1-2 times a week is sufficient.

In case any of you try out this pack, let me know how it worked out for you 🙂

Comfort Food- My Tomato Soup Recipe

The winter has arrived late this time. By the time we normally would be getting some relief from the cold winters in the north, this time the cold wave started getting stronger. Not loving it, but what can we really do in front of nature???

Anyways, today I will share my recipe for a Tomato soup with you. I love tomato soup, and in winters this is one of my comfort food. Just sharing it with you how I make it at home.


Fresh Tomatoes– 500 gm (Roughly chopped)

Garlic cloves-2 ( Finely chopped)

Red Onion– 1 medium (Finely chopped)

Carrot– 1 medium ( Roughly chopped)


Salt– To taste

Sugar– 1 tablespoon

Olive oil– 1 table spoon

Black pepper– To taste (Freshly crushed)

Basil– green or dried

Bread croutons


  • Take the olive oil in pressure cook. I use pressure cooker, you can use a deep thick based pan as well. Heat the oil a little and add finely chopped garlic to it. Cook for around 20 seconds and add the finely chopped red onion. Let the onions sweat a little, you don’t need to brown them.
  • Add chopped carrots to it, stir and let it saute for about 1 minute. Add salt to this and mix well. Now add the chopped onions. Cook for around 2 minutes, stirring in between.
  • Add a little water to the pressure cooker. You don’t need to add a lot at this stage, as you just need to pressure the vegetable. 300-400 ml should be more than enough. But if you are using a pan, you might need more. Add sugar to it.
  • Pressure cook it for around 3 whistles. If you are using a pan, bring the water to boil and then cook it covered, by simmering the flame, till the tomatoes get tender.
  • Once cooked, let the vegetables cool down.
  • Using a blender make a smooth puree along with the water left in the vegetable.
  • Strain the soup using a sieve so that you get a smooth texture.
  • Put it back on the stove. At this point you can add more water depending upon the consistency that you need.
  • Once the desired consistency is achieved, taste for seasoning. Turn off the stove and add black pepper and basil.
  • Put in a bowl, top with some croutons, and it’s done!

I hope you will enjoy the recipe. In case you get inspired to make this tomato soup, do share with me how it turned out. 🙂

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 Review

Another lip product review! As I have already mentioned in one of my blogs, I had no intention of buying this one, but bought it just for courtesy sake. After trying out Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow, a detailed review of which is here, I started trying this Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 and I am ready to review it.

Price: INR 595 for 15 ml

IMG_0131Product Details:

Temporarily protects and helps soothe dry lips. Helps shield lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. Apply liberally, and allow an excess of the balm to be absorbed.

Let’s talk about the packaging first. Not a fan! Not only is the packaging very boring, it also is not very functional. It comes in a white tube packing with a black cap. It is hard to apply from the tube itself, I take a little amount on the finger and then apply it on the lips. At least a stick packaging would have been more convenient.

Now coming to the product itself. I am very confused with what I have received. Firstly, while trying to read it’s manufacturing date, I read it to be 04/2015. Later on I realized that it was actually the importing date, and not the manufacturing date, which happened to be 05/2014!!! Now I expect to get such an old manufactured product while ordering online or another channel, but getting such an old product from the store itself was a bit disappointing. Although it is good till 36 months from the date of manufacturing, still I feel a bit unhappy.


The product itself is dirty yellow in color with thick consistency, like that of vaseline. When I checked online, because I expected it to be colorless, I found out that I was right!!! I don’t know what to say! The smell was also a little off, like some oil gone rancid.

It took a little courage to try it on my lips. Though the product worked fine and did not cause any reactions or so, I am reluctant to use it again. It made my lips soft, but nothing special that other lip balms are not doing. I am not sure if the product that I have got is some how gone bad or what… I am not going to continue using it. I will bring up the issue with the store when I next visit them.

Totally disappointed!!!

Rating: 2/5 (Only because I think I might have got a product gone wrong)


Maybelline Lip Gradation-Pink 2 Review

Maybelline has been in hyper active mode for quite a some time now. A new product is launched even before we can get our hands on the previous launch. Not that we are complaining! I picked up their Maybelline Lip Gradation, a much awaited launch, in shade Pink 2 recently. Let’s start the review.

Price: INR 500 for 1.2 gm

IMG_0736Product Description (As per website):

“It’s time to experiment with your lip makeup. For the sexy, bold and adventurous woman, Maybelline New York brings international trends with the newest Lip Gradation. Available in 8 bright, matte shades, this double-sided lip product will inspire you to experiment with your looks and bring out your unique style and personality. The color stick at one end will give a gorgeous pop of color while the cushion blender tool at the other end will give a sexy, graded look. For a complete trend-on look, apply color on the centre of your upper lip and use the sponge smudger to extend the color to the outer edges till the contours of your lips or use it as a matte lip color or a lip liner.

Here’s why you will love it:

8 bright, matte shades

Easy to apply

 Fun, flirty, versatile way to color your lips

 Innovative product with cutting edge technology”

Maybelline Lip Gradation Pink 2 comes in a beautiful dark pink twist up pen packaging, secured with a black cap and a smudger on the other end. The color Pink 2 is a beautiful pink color, leaning towards Fuchsia. The lipstick is super pigmented and easily covers all the pigmentation in a single swipe. The texture is super creamy, which glides on smoothly without any tugging on the lips. This is amazing for a matte lip color. It does not dry the lips at all, and feels super light weight on the lips. Loveeee it!

The only thing I did not like is the smudger. I don’t like the look it gives to the lips, it makes them look messy. But it is great to be used as your regular matte lipstick.The lipstick stays decently for about 4 hours, and even fades away without looking messy.


All in all, I am loving this formula as well as this pretty color. PInk 2 will be suitable for a wide range of skin tones in my opinion. It is a must try matte formula in my opinion.

Flawed or Fab???



Will I repurchase and recommend Maybelline Lip Gradation to others???

Definitely yes, both the formula and color range is good. I may pick up one in another shade though, since I don’t tend to finish up my makeup.

Have you picked up your Maybelline Lip Gradation yet??? Let me know in the comment box below.

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Review

Currently I am having an obsession with lip balms and lip treatments, and I am collecting them like crazy. Now I was supposed to write and post this review yesterday. But as usual, life came into the way! Anyways I no longer want to delay this product review, as I am already late enough on getting my hands on it. So here I go.

Price: INR 275 for 2 gm


Product Details ( As per website):

“A Baby Lips first – your favourite lip balm now comes in candy‑inspired colour and a new retractable crayon format! Hydrate your lips with the help of vitamin E plus get a glossy candy colour at the same time.

Why You’ll Love It:

Vitamin E helps hydrate and glide on smoothly.
•Sheer pop of colour with a glossy shine and a yummy candy flavour.”


First things first, how cute is the packaging??? One of the reasons that I so badly wanted to buy one is because the packaging is super cute. These really look like the chubby babies of the lip balm world 🙂 I picked up the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in shade Orange, although it is available in 5 lovely shades. This one comes in bright orange pen packaging, with fluorescent green alphabets. Such a cute one!

The Candy Wow range comes in a twist up pen, with a cap. The color of the shade Orange is a lovely sheer orange. It glides on very easily on the lips, and provides an instant shine and hydration to lips. Loveeee it! The formula is quite hydrating, though slightly less than the original baby lips in my opinion. It is very light weight, and does not feel sticky at all. So it is an apt product to use when ever you want a slight tint on your lips with lots of hydration and no heavy feeling.

Some people might find it a little expensive than the regular baby lips, but I don’t mind, because I tend to get bored with lip balms over the time. So it does not make much of a difference to me. Also the color range is lovely.

I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely and hydrating lip tint. Must try in my opinion, especially if you are a Baby Lips Fan!

Have any one of you used these lovely Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow lip balms??? How did you like them???