Current Winter care Favourites

It has only been a month and a half of winters so far. Though the winters have not been so harsh so far, still skin needs extra love and pampering as soon as the weather starts to get a bit chilly. There have been certain products that I tried out this winter which have been working great for my skin, and then there are tried and tested ones. So I thought of sharing a couple of products that I am currently loving.

IMG_0348 (1)For a long time now, my staple lip balm had been Maybelline baby lips, and I was pretty happy with this lip balm for the amount I had to pay for it. But it all changed when I tried The Bodyshop Vitamin E Lipcare, and now this one is my absolute favorite. I love how it treats my dry lips, keeps them nourished for a longer time, and has an SPF!!! Absolutely my all time favorite now! Another product that I am in love with right now is the Rouge Dior Baume, and I have the one in the shade 660 Coquette. I am wearing it every single time I step out of my house, and love the hydration and pretty color that it imparts to my lips. Definitely recommended, I am going to try it few other colors soon.

For Face, I am using my tested Clinique Clarifying Lotion after washing my face. It helps to get rid of all the dead skin cells and acts as a great toner for my skin. I also tried out Dermalogia Daily Microfoliant, and I love how it works on my skin. I no longer use a scrub, this microfoliant works wonder for me, and I am using it 2-3 times a week. The moisturizer is my all time favorite- Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion.

And for the body, I am enjoying using my Jergans Ultra healing, and absolutely loving it. Again a new discovery for me this season, and I am glad that I found it. This is definitely going to be in my regimen for a long time. On the well being front, I enjoy using Forest Essentials Tranquil Sleep every now and then. A unique product, that has really worked well for me to reduce stress and having a restful sleep, needs a special mention as one of my current favorites.

What have your favorites this winter??? Please share with me in the comment box!

17 thoughts on “Current Winter care Favourites

    • I agree. I had a failed experience with TBS way back, had been keeping my distance from it since then. Though now again trying out some products from them.


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