Chambor Flowing Lipstick -Fig Rose Review

Lipsticks are a great way to brighten up the face. As I shared with you guys in my last post, I picked up two lipsticks from Chambor Flowing Lipstick Range recently. This range has been around for years now. Though I had no intention of picking up any lipsticks, I was tempted into buying as I was getting two in the price of one!!! So I figured out that there could not be a better time to try these out, and I picked up one in Fig Rose and one in Innocent Rose.

Price: INR 645 for 4ml


Chambor Flowing Lipstick Fig RoseΒ comes in a beautiful silver tube, with a little bit transparent part, that is great for identifying the shade by just looking at it. One of the reasons for picking these up was the packaging as well. It has a brush applicator, secured by a cap, and a twisting cap at the bottom to push the product out.This lipstick has Shea butter along with other ingredients, which is supposed to keep lips hydrated. The finish is supposed to be matte and long lasting.

Although the packaging is cute, couple of things frustrated me in the beginning. It took meΒ  forever to get the product out to the tip of brush. All I kept on getting was some kind of liquid (probably the mineral oil) for almost 20 clicks. I even thought of giving up thinking that I received a piece gone bad. After a little later, I was finally happy to see the product out. Also you have to be careful with cleaning the brush after every use, or you can end up creating a mess.

You have to very careful with the application of the lipstick as well. The application can very easily go wrong, so you have to do it very patiently. The lipstick takes forever to set as well, which again is not for the benefit of Β the impatient. The lipstick tends to smudge when still wet. Also the color looks too glossy when wet, but sets into a matte finish. I think you have to give it like 10 minutes!!!!


Above-before setting Below-after setting

The color is a very pretty pink, with a lot of brown undertones. I love brown lipsticks on others, but somehow I don’t like it on myself. But this color is definitely a winner for me as well! Although it has lots of brown undertones, but it has that freshness of pink to it as well. So anyone who is shy of using brown but want to start using, Fig Rose is a perfect solution. The formula is not too drying on the lips, though it tends to accentuate the lines on the lip. But it is not uncomfortable. Although it is supposed not to transfer, but it does a little anyways. It lasts for 5-6 hours, though it may get a little patchy after eating.

Overall I feel the formula is great with these Chambor Flowing Lipsticks, but only if you have patience. The Color Fig Rose is though to die for! I will definitely recommend this color if you have to buy just one.

Rating: 3/5

Will I repurchase and recommend Chambor Flowing Lipsticks to others???

I may not repurchase them again since I already have two shades from the same range, but I will recommend this particular shade to anyone looking to try a pink with brown undertone.

Have any of you tried these Chambor Flowing Lipstick?? Which one is your favorite shade???



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