NUXE Serum Merveillance Visible Expression Lines Review

On my last visit to Sephora, I picked up a serum from a french brand called NUXE. I have been on hunt for a good serum, though I had recently picked up Clinique  Sculptwear Lift and Contour serum and was already using it, which I have already reviewed here. But this one from Nuxe seemed to be so reasonably priced as compared to Clinique one that I thought of giving it a try. I have been using it for more 15 days now, and thought of reviewing this was a right time to review it.

Price: INR 3400 for 30 ml

IMG_0867Product Description:

This concentrated serum instantly smoothes and detenses skin. It fills in the appearance of visible expression lines. Immediately facial features appear more relaxed, visible signs of fatigue look diminished;skin seems to glow. Face and eye contour.”

Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacturing

The NUXE Visible Expression Lines Serum comes in a heavy glass bottle with a pump. The serum is of thicker consistency than most of the serums, and is light yellow in color. The serum smells strongly citrus. It might be a problem for sensitive nose, though the smell does not linger on for a long time.

I usually need two pumps for whole of my face and neck. It is creamy in texture, and hydrates a little as well. The skin immediately feels smooth after applying this serum. Since I have dry skin, I follow it up with my regular moisturizer.

After using for some time, I have not seen any visible difference in the fine lines, though my lines are not that visible to start with. But this serum has definitely made my skin more plump and softer. This has helped with my pigmentation as well. When I had started using Clinique Sculptwear, I had started noticing my pigmentation decreasing, though that serum was not actually meant for that. This serum has further helped to lighten pigmentation, especially I dark patch that I had on my cheek. It has started lightening with Clinique and has further improved while using this serum. It did not cause any irritation or break outs as well.

That said, I am not a fan of the smell. Also i have used it only for 15 days, once per day, and I am already half through the bottle. That way, it will last me hardly a month, and that too if I use it once a day. So I am not sure if that will turn out to be more economical than Clinique or Estee Lauder serum, since less cost was one of the reason I bought it. But is is still a decent serum, and I think it will be great for people who are just starting out with serums or ones who have serious visible lines can definitely try it out.

Rating: 3/5

Will I repurchase and recommend the NUXE Visible Expression Lines Serum to others???

I will probably not repurchase this serum, as I feel I am not the right target for this product. I will recommend this serum only to those who have serious fine lines and want to try something out.



22 thoughts on “NUXE Serum Merveillance Visible Expression Lines Review

    • Thanks Shwetali. Yes it is expensive, though I picked it up because it is way economical than the Clinique and Estee Lauder ones. But if price is not an issue, I think this serum can be given a skip over those.

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    • That is not the case Anurima. It is an anti aging serum, aiming mostly at fine lines. If your mom is having major lines, then probably it won’t work. But still it is much cheaper than some of the other brands in the market.


  1. Great to read your review on NUXE serum, I have been highly impressed with the NUXE lip balm and so was thinking of trying out their other products. But I guess I will stick to the serums I have been using from Clairins and Estee Lauder. They work well for me so far, fingers crossed he he 🙂

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    • Glad I can help. It is not a bad serum as such, but there are so many better in the market, so I think this one can be skipped. I have not used their lip balm, Do you recommend it ?


      • I am very happy using NUXE Lip balm, it works very well for me. I follow simple regimen at alternate night time of scrubbing the lips using LUSH mint scrub (I can vouch for the goodness of this particular one) and then applying the balm from NUXE. I must say, these days I feel the need to apply the lip balm during the day time also, but its all becuase of the cold weather outside and central heating inside that dry out my lips faster than ever. I don’t know how much it costs in India, but I guess it is worth trying. I replaced Kiehl’s lip balm with NUXE, and although I was happy with Kiehl’s I am happier with NUXE 🙂

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      • Thank you for your input. Probably I will check it out the next time I a in need to buy a new one, I am a lot right now, and I am pretty happy with TheBodyShop Vitamin E lip balm right now. The issue here in India that I have come across is that the products that are imported by Sephora are imported a long time after manufacturing date, so they tend to have lesser window to use when I buy. Like the NUXE serum, which is good for only other 2 months, so I have to use it up before others and it makes trying newer products difficult.

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      • Yup I can understand. Its a pity really because I think we get the worth of every penny spent on these expensive serums because they last longer. I remember your review on Body shop lip balm, although I am not a great fan of body shop products I plan to buy the Vit-E range soon 🙂
        Have a great evening !
        Looking forward to reading more of such great reviews from you .
        Cheers !

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  2. Clinique is always my first love.I think i have mentioned also when it comes to my skin, it difficult to trust products.I need to give some serious thought on swapping my clinique love with other brands.But at 3400, its still expensive.honestly i never heard of this brand.But thanks for the heads up

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    • You are right Sangeeta, it is costly for 3400. All I was saying that I picked it up because in comparison to some other serums it was cheaper. I picked up Clinique Lift and contour for about 5100 for same quantity, and I was looking for a cheaper option, so thought of trying it out. The anti ageing lines are normally priced way too high, whether they are effective or not, and that is a pity. Though I am going to look towards Kaya now for a serum ,as I had a good experience with their eye serum. So I will see if I can find an effective face serum there.


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