L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence Review

There are some things which I have found always hard to use due to various reasons. One of them is a sunscreen, which I have avoided using for most of my life so far. Let me tell you one thing, this for sure is not for lack of trying. I tried to use sunscreens time and again, but I always feel my skin could not breathe once I applied the sunscreen. My face sweats a lot, gets all oily and tends to break out. I feel the layer of sunscreen suffocating my skin to death!!! ( I know I am getting dramatic!)

My skin has definitely started showing the signs of sun damage, and I want to further minimize it to some extent. So I have been on Β a hunt for a good sunscreen for a while now, and this is when I ended up buying this L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence with SPf 30. This is supposed to be the 1st watery essence from L’oreal which offers a complete daily protection in a watery sensation.

Price: INR 475 for 30 ml

Shelf Life: 36 months


Product Claims:

Immediately skin is protected against signs of photoaging (brown spots, darkening,loss of elasticity,wrinkles) and external stress.

Day after day, skin stays visibly fair and young.

L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence comes packed in a cute greyish-blue tube with white cap. There is a nozzle for dispensing the product, which is fuss free and very functional. The packaging makes it very easy to use, as well as to carry while travelling.

The product is white in color, and runny in consistency. It is not very thick, just a little thicker than water. It has a mild fragrance to it, with stays on for about 20-30 minutes and then vanishes.It is a broad spectrum UV Protector, which protects the skin against both UVA as well UVB rays. The sunscreen is very light in texture, and easily gets absorbed in the skin. There is no feeling of a layer on the skin, and it lets my skin breathe perfectly! Such a relief!

There is a very slight greasy feeling when I apply it, which disappears within a minute once it is absorbed in the skin. I really love how it vanishes from the surface of the skin. I was already having a few break outs when I started using this, and I did not see any more, so I think this in itself is not going to break me out either. It is an ultimate solution to all my concerns-it has SPF 30, does not feel oily or greasy, and lets my skin breathe! It is a total winner for me, and I am loving using it. It is also available in SPF 50, which I think will be more apt for the coming summer season.

If you are one like me, who is looking for a sunscreen that does not stop your skin from breathing while providing all the benefits of a good sunscreen, then I think you should definitely give L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence a try. In my opinion, you will not be disappointed.

Flawed or Fab???


Rating:4/5 ( It is a bit expensive than other sunscreens)

Will I repurchase and recommend L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence to others???


Which one is your favorite sunscreen???? Any all time favorites that you will like to share???


12 thoughts on “L’oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence Review

    • Ha ha… I have been lazy using a sunscreen for a major part of my existence as well. Though trying to cultivate a habit of using it now, lets see how that goes!!!


    • I bought Neutrogena Ultra sheer once, and I could not remember why I did not use it!!! Strange things happen sometimes. I have heard good things about that one too,


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