Real Techniques Limited Edition Eyelining Set


Another steal from Amazon’s Republic day Sale!!!

I bought this Real Techniques Limited Edition Eyelining Set for just Rs. 709!

This one is 5 piece set with 4 eye brushes and one pouch. The brushes are:

  1. Precision Liner Brush: for ultimate control of the perfect line
  2. Smudge Brush: designed for enhancing the eye with a smoky effect
  3. Eyeliner Brush: firm, angled head for optimal control along lash line
  4. Pointed Liner Brush: flat, tapered head designed to create both thin and thick lines

The brushes are in purple and black color, which dual colored fibers. Honestly, the finish of these brushes did not seem as good as the stippling brush that I got. The pouch is silver in color, very ordinary in look as well as quality.

I was on a hunt for a smudge brush and liner brush, and at this price could not stop myself from buying this set. I still have to use the brushes, and will share my views. Just wanted to do a first impression 🙂

Anyone else got a killer deal from Amazon during sale time????



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