A small make up and skincare purge


Yesterday I went through my makeup and skincare storage and did a small purge. There were some products that were already expired but still lying around, so got rid of those. And then there were products that I had bought with high hopes but did not work out for me at all. So I decided to get rid of those as well. Just sharing quickly with you what I purged with a little reason for some of them.

I had two tubes of Garnier BB cream in my stash, the smaller one is almost finished while the larger one was hardly used. It is way beyond its expiry date, so threw both of them away. I don’t wear face makeup on regular days, but found this BB cream to be good for days when I wanted to. I will try out some other BB creams though, because this is the only one that I have tried so far!

For some reason, I had a very old bottle of L’oreal true match foundation in shade honey beige lying around! I already bought a new one in new packing but did not throw this one out. Don’t know why!!! Anyways, another foundation lying around was Colorbar Time plus Long stay makeup in Tawny Birch which is way beyond its expiry date. This one is hardly used, I remember buying this one way back while buying some Colorbar lipsticks, just to get rid of the SA. I used it one or twice, and never liked it. Total waste of money!

Clinique all about eyes was bought with high hopes, but it failed to do anything for my eyes, except hydration, which even a regular face lotion does. It has also expired, with still half the tub full. I got rid of Lakme Insta-Liner as well, because it has expired. Again most of it is unused, because I get very messy with liquid liners and avoid using them. Not buying both of these products again. Also an old Maybelline Eyestudio Liner had to go, as it had seen its good days. I also got rid of  Maybelline Chai Latte Quad which I had for a long time. I only used the darkest shade to fill in my brows.The lid was broken now and I decided to let it go.

An old lip gloss from L’oreal Glam Shine 6H range in shade Golden Tattoo had finished years back, don’t know why the tube was there. Had to get rid of that! Also got rid of Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamonds lip gloss in Pink Ruby, which was hardly used.

Two products that did not work out for me were Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting serum and Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Serum+Creme. Both broke me out, and even after giving multiple tries did not suit my skin. The saddest part is they were still good for another 2 years, but I don’t think I would have used them again. Total waste of money, highly disappointed!!! And lastly, I had to let go of a bottle of Neutrogena face wash, which was used to clean my make up brushes and had expired last month.

Sorting and getting rid of makeup and skincare is a difficult thing. but I am feeling so much better after doing it. Any one of you had taken a similar project recently or planning to do so???




15 thoughts on “A small make up and skincare purge

  1. Every month I check my makeup to see which ones may expire soon so that I can use them to the max ! I’m lucky that I have a sister who I share makeup with, if she likes something from my collection she just takes it, this has its ups & downs but its helpful to get rid of extra makeup without the guilt of throwing unused makeup 😛 I cannot say the same for skincare though, but I like the idea of using old face wash for cleaning brushes ! Thanks !
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    • Thanks Lana. For me skincare is always the hardest part, because I buy a product with lots of expectations. It aches my heart when I have to throw them away. Though I have come up with an idea about using failed skincare as well, will share soon in a post.


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