Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose Review

Today I am reviewing Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose, which I got about a month back. I also picked up another shade- Fig Rose, which I have already reviewed on my blog. These two are my first try from Chambor, and I was pleased to pick them up when they were on one plus one offer.

Price: INR 645 for 4 ml


Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose comes in a cute silver packaging Β with a little transparent part to identify the shade in case you have more than one. The applicator is in form of a brush which is secured by a cap, and the lipstick has to be twisted from the bottom to get the product out. In my experience, the brush applicator was a little difficult to work with for a refined look, and I will prefer the doe-shaped applicator that comes with most of the liquid lipsticks than this one. The application with this brush gets a little messy sometimes, and you have to be careful to clean the brush before putting the cap on.

The texture of this Innocent Rose is very buttery, just like the Fig Rose. The formula has shea butter in it, which makes it very hydrating. It glides on lips very easily, so you have to be careful while applying it, or you can go wrong very easily. Also it takes a while to dry down to matte finish, so you have to be patient and careful during this time as well. It does not dry lips, although might accentuate lines after long hours of wearing. It stays on lips for good 5-6 hours.


Innocent Rose is a beautiful pink color, and it is very opaque as well. It very easily covers the pigmented lips well. Unlike Fig Rose, which had brown undertones to it, Innocent Rose is a pure pink color, which looks very pretty once it settles down on lips. It is a beautiful shade that will look good on fair and medium skin tones. More over, this shade can be muted down by bloating for a more neutral look, or it can go beautifully with a full make up look.

Overall Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose is a very pretty pink color with a decent formula. I will recommend this if you are looking for a pretty non-drying pink shade.


Will I recommend Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose to others???


Has anyone of you tried these Chambor Flowing Lipsticks???? Which is your favourite shade and how did you like it????


14 thoughts on “Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose Review

    • Yes, the packaging looks great, and so does the color. The lipstick is very hydrating, and though it settles to a matte finish, it does not hurt the lips at all.


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