Hello and welcome to Flawedfabhappy. This blog is my personal space for connecting to other people with similar interests. I write about anything and everything that fascinates me at the given moment.

The primary aim of Flawedfabhappy is to accept that we all are flawed yet fabulous in our ways, and to be happy about it.

I will share beauty and other product reviews from my own personal experience, recipes that I enjoy, and all the little things that I do in my home to make it a little more pretty.

Please be advised that the reviews of all the products are written from my own experience. As it is with all the things, one thing that works for an individual may work differently for another. I am sharing my experiences just to give you an idea about a product, but you will definitely have to make your choices and select what works best for you.

I will love if you can get in touch with me at flawedfabhappy@gmail.com in case you feel the need to discuss anything and welcome all your suggestions that will make this a better platform for all of us.

Let’s share the journey!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for stopping by on zhwadevivre, I like the name of your blog, flawed, fab and happy. Nice name, looking forward to read more of your posts.


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