Faces Ultime Pro Velvet Matte Pinked Out Review

Faces Ultime Pro Velvet Matte in shade Pinked Out is my first and only lipstick from Faces Canada so far. Rather, it is the only product that I have from this brand, which is so weird because this brand has some really good products. I ended up buying Faces Ultime Pro Velvett Matte Pinked Out  when actually I wanted to buy the shade “Proof” from the same range. I fell in love with this color when I swiped it on my hand, and now I am here reviewing it.

Price: INR 649 for 4.5 gm

Shelf Life: 36 months

IMG_2074What the Brand says about the Faces Ultime Pro Velvet Matte:

  • Lasts upto 8 hours
  • Satin Matte Finish
  • Keeps lips supple

Faces Ultime Pro Velvett Matte lipsticks come in a matte black and silver case, which is safely secured in a cardboard box, having all the details.The packaging is decent but nothing extra-ordinary. The cap closes with a click so that is as added advantage.

The shade Pinked Out is a beautiful bright pink color, which goes towards fuchsia. It is a very pigmented lipstick, that needs just a swipe or two to give its true color on the lips. The lipstick is pigmented enough to cover any lip pigmentation and does not need too much of layering.


The texture of the lipstick is very smooth and it glides on lips very easily. It is very light weight and does not feel heavy on lips. The finish is truly a satin matte, which looks very beautiful. The lipstick does not dry the lips, and keep them looking great through out the day.

It does stay for good 6 hours, even after meals with only a slight fading. It wears off evenly as well, so it does not leave lips patchy even after fading. I am truly impressed how this lipstick delivers on all the promises that it makes! So if you a matte lover who loves a satin matte finish, this range is a must try.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I recommend and repurchase Faces Ultime Pro Velvett Matte Pinked Out to others???

Yes, if you have not yet tried these lipsticks yet, I will highly recommend giving them a go. Again I will repurchase the lipstick from this range, but in some different shade because I never tend to finish my make up off.

Have you tried Faces Ultime Pro Velvett Matte in Pinked Out or any other shade??? Did you love it as much I did???


Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick R359 Review

Another Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick!!!

Another Red Lipstick!!!

I never thought I am a red lipstick person, but I have so many of them!!!

Does it happen to you too??? That you keep on collecting lipsticks in shades you don’t think you love that much???

Price: INR 260 for 4.3 gm ( Available cheaper online)

Shelf Life: 24 months

Lakme Enrich Satin R359 belongs to the red family of Enrich Satin Lipsticks. It is a beautiful red color, with slight orange undertones.It is quite pigmented in nature, though 2-3 swipes are needed to get an even color on the lips. The color looks gorgeous on Indian skin tones, and works especially well with Indian ethnic wear.


The lipstick has a smooth texture, and glides on lips very easily. But one has to be careful because of its creamy texture, as it can easily move while application. Also red color needs a little extra care while application. The lipstick transfers, and lasts for hardly 2.5 hours or less. It leaves a stain on the lips though, which at times can become a little patchy as well, especially if you apply it on not so well moisturized lips.

The lipstick feels comfortable on lips, though it is not hydrating in nature. But it does not dry your lips if you apply it over a good lip balm.

Rating: 3/5

Will I recommend Lakme Enrich Satin R359 to others???

It is a beautiful red shade that looks great on medium skin tones. I will recommend this lipstick if you are looking for a decently priced everyday red lipstick, or if you are new to red shades and want to try out if you really like the color on you or not.

Do you own Lakme Enrich Satin R359 as well??? Which are your favorite all time red lipsticks??? Please share with me in the comment box.


Lakme Enrich Satin P152 Review

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks have been in the market for a long time. Earlier, they used to come in those dark maroonish purple packing. The packing used to look boring and tacky, but the shades at that time were great for the price, and Lakme lipsticks used to a hit among the ladies. Last year, they changed their packing and came out with some new shades, along with the original shades as well. I don’t have many lipsticks from Lakme, so I picked up couple of shades. The one that I will review today is Lakme Enrich Satin P152.

Price: INR 260 for 4.3 gm ( Though you can get it cheaper online)

Shelf Life: 24


The new packaging is such a relief from the old. Now the Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks come in a transparent and silver combination, with the logo clearly standing out on the side. I will not say that the packaging is classy, but it is way better than what it used to be earlier.

The texture of this particular lipstick is very creamy. It glides on lips very easily, and provides a beautiful creamy look to the lips. It is not glittery or frosty, and I think that is great for Indian skin tones because frosty colors don’t go that well with Indian complexion. The lipstick does not feel sticky or drying on lips, though I will recommend using it on well hydrated lips to get a better finish.


Lakme Enrich Satin in P152 falls in pink color category according to the brand. In my opinion, the shade is more towards the Mauve shade, as it has lots of earthy undertone. The color in itself is very pretty and pigmented. I needed just one swipe to cover my moderately pigmented lips and get a great color deposit. Now some people may find this color a bit mature. To me, it is a sophisticated kind of mature shade, and not the old kinds. But in case you don’t like such colors, this shade may not be sure.

The lipstick is transferable due to its creamy texture, and therefore, does not last for more than 2.5-3 hours on the lips in its true color. It does leave a nice tint on the lips though, and does not leave the lips completely bare. The shade can further be toned down by blotting it after application, in case you don’t want it too dark. It does not dry lips a lot, although it is not hydrating in itself.

In my opinion, the Lakme Enrich Saitn lipsticks have a decent formula and color pay off for the price. It is a great buy especially if you are on a budget.

Rating: 3.5/5

Will I recommend Lakme Enrich Satin in P152 to others???

I recommend this shade to any one who loves a creamy dark pink shade with earthy undertones. Even if this shade is nit for you, I will definitely recommend trying out some other shades if you have not tried yet.

How many of you have tried out the Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick Range??? Which is your favorite shade of the lot????


Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose Review

Today I am reviewing Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose, which I got about a month back. I also picked up another shade- Fig Rose, which I have already reviewed on my blog. These two are my first try from Chambor, and I was pleased to pick them up when they were on one plus one offer.

Price: INR 645 for 4 ml


Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose comes in a cute silver packaging  with a little transparent part to identify the shade in case you have more than one. The applicator is in form of a brush which is secured by a cap, and the lipstick has to be twisted from the bottom to get the product out. In my experience, the brush applicator was a little difficult to work with for a refined look, and I will prefer the doe-shaped applicator that comes with most of the liquid lipsticks than this one. The application with this brush gets a little messy sometimes, and you have to be careful to clean the brush before putting the cap on.

The texture of this Innocent Rose is very buttery, just like the Fig Rose. The formula has shea butter in it, which makes it very hydrating. It glides on lips very easily, so you have to be careful while applying it, or you can go wrong very easily. Also it takes a while to dry down to matte finish, so you have to be patient and careful during this time as well. It does not dry lips, although might accentuate lines after long hours of wearing. It stays on lips for good 5-6 hours.


Innocent Rose is a beautiful pink color, and it is very opaque as well. It very easily covers the pigmented lips well. Unlike Fig Rose, which had brown undertones to it, Innocent Rose is a pure pink color, which looks very pretty once it settles down on lips. It is a beautiful shade that will look good on fair and medium skin tones. More over, this shade can be muted down by bloating for a more neutral look, or it can go beautifully with a full make up look.

Overall Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose is a very pretty pink color with a decent formula. I will recommend this if you are looking for a pretty non-drying pink shade.


Will I recommend Chambor Flowing Lipstick Innocent Rose to others???


Has anyone of you tried these Chambor Flowing Lipsticks???? Which is your favourite shade and how did you like it????

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick-Envious Review

Envious was the first lipstick that I bought from Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting range. Just passing by the the Estee Lauder store, I saw this model wearing a beautiful color on her lips in the poster. I immediately walked into the store, asked the SA which shade it was, and bought it by swatching just on my hands and not even trying on the lips.

Price: INR 2300


The lipstick comes in a classy royal blue and gold packaging. It has a magnetic lock, which makes it safe to carry in your handbag without any worries. The lipstick looks gorgeous in the bullet, and I love this packaging a lot.

Now the texture of these lipsticks is super amazing. I have already reviewed the shade Rebellious Rose here, and Envious is no different in texture than this one. It glides on lips easily, without any tugging on lips, and gives a very hydrated and moist look to the lips. Love the texture of this range!!! It keeps the lips hydrated for a long time, and after a while I even forget that I have anything on my lips, it is super light! It does not settle in the lines nor does it accentuates them.


Envious is a beautiful red color, which will suit a lot of skin tones. It looked a little more deeper in the poster, but I love how it looks on my lips. It is such a lovely glossy red color, that will add loads of confidence to your look. I totally love this color. It is great for night outs and parties, but if you love wearing red then you can rock it during the day as well.  If you are one of those who have difficulty in finding your perfect red, then I suggest you give this one a try and I am sure you will fall in love with this shade.

The lipstick is very pigmented. Even pigmented lips will need 1-2 swipes to give a true color. It lasts for at least 6 hours, after which it fades away evenly. It does transfer a bit, but for the color and formula, I don’t mind that at all. It leaves a beautiful tint to the lips, which does not look patchy at all.

Flawed or Fab???



Will I recommend Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks to others???

Definitely Yes. And in case you are a matte lover, they have come up with matte line in the same range. So you can definitely give them a shot if you want.

Maybelline Lip Gradation-Pink 2 Review

Maybelline has been in hyper active mode for quite a some time now. A new product is launched even before we can get our hands on the previous launch. Not that we are complaining! I picked up their Maybelline Lip Gradation, a much awaited launch, in shade Pink 2 recently. Let’s start the review.

Price: INR 500 for 1.2 gm

IMG_0736Product Description (As per website):

“It’s time to experiment with your lip makeup. For the sexy, bold and adventurous woman, Maybelline New York brings international trends with the newest Lip Gradation. Available in 8 bright, matte shades, this double-sided lip product will inspire you to experiment with your looks and bring out your unique style and personality. The color stick at one end will give a gorgeous pop of color while the cushion blender tool at the other end will give a sexy, graded look. For a complete trend-on look, apply color on the centre of your upper lip and use the sponge smudger to extend the color to the outer edges till the contours of your lips or use it as a matte lip color or a lip liner.

Here’s why you will love it:

8 bright, matte shades

Easy to apply

 Fun, flirty, versatile way to color your lips

 Innovative product with cutting edge technology”

Maybelline Lip Gradation Pink 2 comes in a beautiful dark pink twist up pen packaging, secured with a black cap and a smudger on the other end. The color Pink 2 is a beautiful pink color, leaning towards Fuchsia. The lipstick is super pigmented and easily covers all the pigmentation in a single swipe. The texture is super creamy, which glides on smoothly without any tugging on the lips. This is amazing for a matte lip color. It does not dry the lips at all, and feels super light weight on the lips. Loveeee it!

The only thing I did not like is the smudger. I don’t like the look it gives to the lips, it makes them look messy. But it is great to be used as your regular matte lipstick.The lipstick stays decently for about 4 hours, and even fades away without looking messy.


All in all, I am loving this formula as well as this pretty color. PInk 2 will be suitable for a wide range of skin tones in my opinion. It is a must try matte formula in my opinion.

Flawed or Fab???



Will I repurchase and recommend Maybelline Lip Gradation to others???

Definitely yes, both the formula and color range is good. I may pick up one in another shade though, since I don’t tend to finish up my makeup.

Have you picked up your Maybelline Lip Gradation yet??? Let me know in the comment box below.

Chambor Flowing Lipstick -Fig Rose Review

Lipsticks are a great way to brighten up the face. As I shared with you guys in my last post, I picked up two lipsticks from Chambor Flowing Lipstick Range recently. This range has been around for years now. Though I had no intention of picking up any lipsticks, I was tempted into buying as I was getting two in the price of one!!! So I figured out that there could not be a better time to try these out, and I picked up one in Fig Rose and one in Innocent Rose.

Price: INR 645 for 4ml


Chambor Flowing Lipstick Fig Rose comes in a beautiful silver tube, with a little bit transparent part, that is great for identifying the shade by just looking at it. One of the reasons for picking these up was the packaging as well. It has a brush applicator, secured by a cap, and a twisting cap at the bottom to push the product out.This lipstick has Shea butter along with other ingredients, which is supposed to keep lips hydrated. The finish is supposed to be matte and long lasting.

Although the packaging is cute, couple of things frustrated me in the beginning. It took me  forever to get the product out to the tip of brush. All I kept on getting was some kind of liquid (probably the mineral oil) for almost 20 clicks. I even thought of giving up thinking that I received a piece gone bad. After a little later, I was finally happy to see the product out. Also you have to be careful with cleaning the brush after every use, or you can end up creating a mess.

You have to very careful with the application of the lipstick as well. The application can very easily go wrong, so you have to do it very patiently. The lipstick takes forever to set as well, which again is not for the benefit of  the impatient. The lipstick tends to smudge when still wet. Also the color looks too glossy when wet, but sets into a matte finish. I think you have to give it like 10 minutes!!!!


Above-before setting Below-after setting

The color is a very pretty pink, with a lot of brown undertones. I love brown lipsticks on others, but somehow I don’t like it on myself. But this color is definitely a winner for me as well! Although it has lots of brown undertones, but it has that freshness of pink to it as well. So anyone who is shy of using brown but want to start using, Fig Rose is a perfect solution. The formula is not too drying on the lips, though it tends to accentuate the lines on the lip. But it is not uncomfortable. Although it is supposed not to transfer, but it does a little anyways. It lasts for 5-6 hours, though it may get a little patchy after eating.

Overall I feel the formula is great with these Chambor Flowing Lipsticks, but only if you have patience. The Color Fig Rose is though to die for! I will definitely recommend this color if you have to buy just one.

Rating: 3/5

Will I repurchase and recommend Chambor Flowing Lipsticks to others???

I may not repurchase them again since I already have two shades from the same range, but I will recommend this particular shade to anyone looking to try a pink with brown undertone.

Have any of you tried these Chambor Flowing Lipstick?? Which one is your favorite shade???


Rouge Dior Baume 660 Coquette Review

The winters in northern part of India are getting a little weird.only yesterday I was reading that December 2015 turned out to be the hottest in 114 years!!! And now in January, I am scared that we will see a lot more cold than it usually should be. Anyways, sitting here in my quilt with hot tea in my hands, I am writing another review.

During my last visit to Sephora, I bought a Rouge Dior Baume in the shade 660 Coquette. This is my first purchase from Dior, and after swatching a lot, I finally picked up this shade.

Price: INR 2500 for 3.2 gm



Product Description ( from the website):

“The freshest, most protective, easy-wearing and complementary of Rouge Dior products.No need to choose between lip care and makeup—in a single step, lips are revived in colors with a healthy glow and wet dew-like shine, and drenched in a protective nourishing lip treatment.”

The Rouge Dior Baume is a natural lip treatment. That means that along with imparting a beautiful color to the lips, it also helps to hydrate and heal the lips to keep them in a good health. The packaging of the lipstick is very classy.It is all black with silver accents, and CD is engraved on top of the case. It is also engraved on top of the lipstick bullet.

I bought this lipstick because of it’s claim of being a lip care product as well as makeup. And this lipstick from Dior definitely lives up to my expectations.First of all, the color 660 Coquette is a very pretty pink glossy color. It glides on the lips like a dream, and manages to cover pigmentation on my lips in a single swipe. The color can be further built up by multiple swipes. It has a beautiful gloss to it, and does not feel sticky at all.


I love how it hydrates my lips the moment it touches them. My lips don’t need a balm underneath whenever I use this lipstick, and stay well moisturized for a long time. It does have a faint rosy smell to it, and it will not irritate sensitive nose at all. The finish is very smooth and light. It stays for about 3 hours on the lips, after which you will have to reapply for the color. But the best part is that the lips stay hydrated for a long time even if you don’t apply it again!

I am totally in love with the formula of Rouge Dior Baume, and the color in itself is very pretty. It is a perfect lipstick to wear whenever your lips need extra care, but you still need that splash of color that the lip balms fail to provide.

Flawed or Fab???


Rating: 4/5 ( expensive)

Will I repurchase and recommend Rouge Dior Baume to other?

Yes, I will definitely recommend it to everyone. I will definitely repurchase as well, but probably try to some other colors.

Have any one of you tried these Rouge Dior Baume lipsticks??? Please share your experience with me in the comments below.



Sugar Matte As Hell Scarlett O’Hara Review

So many people have written about their fabbags this time around. I loved reading all of them. For the first time this month, I ordered fabbag myself as well. And I wanted to write all about it. But I received my bag sooooo late that I changed my mind about it. Instead I am writing about a product that I received in my bag, and this one is Sugar Matte As Hell Scarlett O’Hara!!!

Price: INR 799 for 2.8 gm


This one is a matte crayon lipstick, and I am so happy that I received the shade that I wanted! The crayon comes beautifully packed in a card box and the crayon itself is black with color identifier tip I guess. Very stylish!!

Now coming to the color, this is a beautiful tomato red color, which I think will look good on all skin tones. It is a gorgeous shade, and I loved it even more than I thought. The color is perfect to be worn during the day as well at night. It is such a versatile shade, that will bring a brightness to your face, no matter you are using it on its own or with full makeup.

The texture is very smooth, almost melting on the lips. I loved the fact that it has such a lovely texture despite being a matte lipstick! I just love how it feels on the lips, no tugging, no drying, nothing! And I find it is so hard to find such texture in budget lipsticks!The crayon needs to be sharpened after a while, which some people tend not to like, but I absolutely have no problem with it.


As is the case with most lipsticks, I will recommend using it on fully moisturized lips. It is not drying on the lips itself, but in case there is flakiness or dryness, it tend to highlight it. And I will highly recommend to use a lip liner along with it, otherwise it tend to feather a bit due to its creamy texture ( as you can see in the pic above, I am using it without a liner).

It stays put on lips for almost 4 hours, after which it leaves a beautiful tint on the lips. Again the tint is not drying on the lips. It transfers a bit initially, but after a while it becomes less visible, almost  I noticed a slight transferring till around 3 hours. Touch ups will be required after full meals.

I am absolutely in love with the texture and this particular shade of these Sugar Matte as Hell crayons. In my opinion, everyone should at least have one shade of these beauties!!!

Flawed or fab???


Rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase Sugar Matte as Hell Crayon Lipsticks???

Yes to both. (Although I will buy some other shade, because I am never successful in finishing my makeup)

Once again, don’t wait. Go grab these beauties if you already don’t have one. And please share your experiences with me.