Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Review

I am using a lot of Clinique skincare products from the last 3 years or so. I like to try out skincare from other brands every now and then, but I tend to go back to Clinique time and again. I religiously follow their 3-step regimen (though I am planning to skip their face wash for a while now) and I have couple of other products from them as well. Today I am going to review the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray.

I got this bottle somewhere in summer of 2014, and have been using it every now and then. The bottle is almost finished and I was not actually planning to review it until one incident happened that made me change my mind. I was not even sure if I wanted to share this small incident with you all, but I now think I do. A little story time…..

I guess all of you might remember how excited I was to get samples from Kiehl’s??? Some time back I decided to give them a try. I decided to use their face wash, toner and much raved about Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I washed my face and toned with the sample provided. So far, so good. And then I applied the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate on my face. First thing I noticed was that the oil smelled rancid. I checked the expiration date and it was good to go. So I applied it without thinking much. Within 4-5 minutes of applying it, I started to have a burning sensation on my face. I checked in mirror and to my horror, my face was red and small bumps were all over my face!!! I immediately washed my face and popped in an anti-allergic. But there was still a burning sensation on my face, so I went through my stash, picked up this face spray and sprayed it all over my face. With in seconds, my face calmed down, and in a minute or two redness went way down. My skin remained in a pretty bad shape for days, but this facial spray really helped to calm my skin whenever needed. So this is the story…..


Price: INR 2000 for 125 ml (the prices may have changed now)

Clinique Moisture Surge Spray comes in a pale pink plastic bottle with a spray pump. It is a sturdy packaging, and I always like the quality of their pump sprays, which is way better than the Forest Essentials one.

I bought this product in the summers, for that quick hydration that the dry skin needs at times even in the summer season. Although it was effective in calming my skin, I did not end up using much in summer. This could be probably because at home I preferred applying moisturizer whenever I can, and I found it bulky to travel with in my handbag. But it is a great spray to hydrate dry or itchy skin, especially in summer, as it provides a cooling effect as well.

I have used it over my makeup as setting spray as well, and believe me, it works very well in that area as well. It sets my makeup as well as hydrates at the same time. It is also a great product to apply whenever you feel that your makeup is a drying up your skin after a long wear.

I have used it extensively this winter, because sometimes my skin felt dehydrated even after couple of hours of moisturization. But the best use of this spray has been to calm down itchy and irritated skin. I have used it on my face after sun exposure as well, and it immediately calms down the skin.

The best thing about this face spray is its consistency. Although it is watery in texture, it sticks to your face when sprayed and does not run down the face. I have faced this problem with Forest Essentials toner, which when sprayed, runs all over your face. This in turn sticks to your skin and gets absorbed quickly.

The only con for me is that if sprayed a little too much especially in summer, it may feel sticky. Other than that, it is a perfect facial spray and the latest incident has restored my faith in this wonderful product all over again.

Flawed or Fab?


Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase and recommend Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray to others????

Yes to both.

Have any of you tried Clinique Moisture Surge Spray??? If yes, please share your personal experiences with me in the comment box.


Current Winter care Favourites

It has only been a month and a half of winters so far. Though the winters have not been so harsh so far, still skin needs extra love and pampering as soon as the weather starts to get a bit chilly. There have been certain products that I tried out this winter which have been working great for my skin, and then there are tried and tested ones. So I thought of sharing a couple of products that I am currently loving.

IMG_0348 (1)For a long time now, my staple lip balm had been Maybelline baby lips, and I was pretty happy with this lip balm for the amount I had to pay for it. But it all changed when I tried The Bodyshop Vitamin E Lipcare, and now this one is my absolute favorite. I love how it treats my dry lips, keeps them nourished for a longer time, and has an SPF!!! Absolutely my all time favorite now! Another product that I am in love with right now is the Rouge Dior Baume, and I have the one in the shade 660 Coquette. I am wearing it every single time I step out of my house, and love the hydration and pretty color that it imparts to my lips. Definitely recommended, I am going to try it few other colors soon.

For Face, I am using my tested Clinique Clarifying Lotion after washing my face. It helps to get rid of all the dead skin cells and acts as a great toner for my skin. I also tried out Dermalogia Daily Microfoliant, and I love how it works on my skin. I no longer use a scrub, this microfoliant works wonder for me, and I am using it 2-3 times a week. The moisturizer is my all time favorite- Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion.

And for the body, I am enjoying using my Jergans Ultra healing, and absolutely loving it. Again a new discovery for me this season, and I am glad that I found it. This is definitely going to be in my regimen for a long time. On the well being front, I enjoy using Forest Essentials Tranquil Sleep every now and then. A unique product, that has really worked well for me to reduce stress and having a restful sleep, needs a special mention as one of my current favorites.

What have your favorites this winter??? Please share with me in the comment box!

Clinique Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum Review

I have a good relationship with Clinique when it comes to skincare products. I have experienced good results with most of them, except a couple of products which turned out to be disaster. As I had mentioned earlier in one of my posts, I was on hunt on a good face serum , since I was disappointed with my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, a detailed review of which is linked here.

On my last visit to Clinique, I ended up buying this Clinique Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum for face and neck. Now let me be honest with you, I was there to buy their Custom repair serum, because I have uneven skin tone and pigmentation issues that I wanted to take care of. But the SA somehow managed to sell me this one instead, all though I knew very well that this is not particularly aimed at my problem area!!! I felt like a fool after I brought this one home. Anyways I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I have already formed an opinion about it.

IMG_0323Price: INR 5150 for 30 ml

The serum comes in an elegant silver pump bottle encased in a see through rectangular cover. So Chic!!! The pump works extremely well, as is the case with most of the Clinique products. The only tiny problem with the packaging is that it is an opaque bottle, so it will be difficult to see how much of product has been used.

The serum is milky white in color, with no fragrance at all. It is supposed to be used twice daily, but I am using it only once currently. I just take 2-3 drops of the serum, apply it all over my face, and then take an extra drop and use it exclusively around my jawline. It is not a very hydrating serum, so people with dry skin will definitely need a moisturizer after this.

Now let’s talk about the results. I don’t have any contouring and lifting issues right now as such (Stupid Me for buying it!!!!). But this serum has worked wonderfully well for my uneven skin tone!!! Although no where it mentions that it works for it, but my face has a more even skin tone now. It appears much brighter, and the dullness has gone to a great extent! And that also when I am using it only once even though it is expected to be used twice. My skin feels very soft and well rested lately. I have also seen a considerable amount of reduction in pigmentation around my mouth and forehead.

All in all, though I can not verify about it’s claims of lifting and contouring, I find it a very nice everyday serum for general skin issues like pigmentation. Although a bit expensive, but I am glad that I invested in this one and got better results in 3 weeks than I did with Estee Lauder Advanced Repair in 8 months!!!

Flawed or Fab???


Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase and recommend Clinique Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum to others???

Yes, if price is not an issue, I will suggest anyone with pigmentation issues to give it a try.

Have any one of you used this Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum???

5 Products in my current skincare routine

I have dry combination skin, which is sensitive in nature. During winter, it is more dry rather than dry combination. Also my skin has lots of issues. I have pigmentation, dark spots and roughness every now and then on my face. For a long time, I struggled to even find a decent moisturizer for my skin, as most of them didn’t provided any deep goodness for my skin. But for now, I have at least the basics sorted out to a certain extend. My routine is a very simple one on daily basis. I do certain things once or twice a week occasionally, but they will not be included here. The following are the products currently in my skincare routine:20151219_121953

  1. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap: The first step is of course cleansing. I use Clinique Liquid Facial soap for dry combination skin. Honestly, it is a very regular kind of face wash. It cleans the face just like any other face wash will do. It leaves my face a bit dry after every wash, but takes away majority of dirt while washing. I have been using this face wash for almost 2 years now, from the first time I tried it as a part of Clinique 3 step skincare kit. It is an expensive face wash with nothing much to offer. I am planning to change my face wash after this one finishes, because it is doing nothing that a 100 buck face wash can’t do.
  2. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: Well, this is the latest addition to my skincare. It has replaced my Oriflame face scrub, which is almost finished. I have a detailed review about this product recently here. I am totally in love with it and highly recommend it. Though it says it is ideal to be used every day, I am going to use it couple of times a week now and see how it works.
  3. Clinique Clarifying Lotion: This is again one product that I love a lot. A detailed review is here. It works wonderfully well in taking away all the dead skin and leaving your face ready for absorbing the products you are planning to put on. I have been using it for 2 years as well, and may replace it only to try some new products. If nothing works better, this is the one to come back to.
  4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Serum: I have been using this serum for almost 8 months now. I am about to finish my 3rd bottle, but I haven’t seen any major results. Detailed review is already here. This is one step that I have to seriously reconsider and come up with something better. Any suggestions anyone???
  5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: This is the final and most important step for me. I am using  Clinique dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, again for 2 years now. This is another product from Clinique that has worked well for my skin. No other moisturizer has managed to hydrate my skin so well, without making it greasy or causing breakouts.

Any suggestions from anyone for the things I need to change in my skincare?? Also I will love to hear about how you all take care of your beautiful skin!

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask Review

Another Review!

Another Skin care product!

Another Clinique product!

Sitting here trying to write this review, I am wondering why I have so many Clinique products. It’s not that I am in love with all the Clinique products ( except the Clarifying lotion I must say), but still somehow I end up buying one or the other product from them over the time. I think their product range silently talks to a person like me who keeps on fighting with dry skin!

I bought the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask last year in the winters. And I still have some product left with me in the first tube itself. So, what does it say about the product? Hmmm….


Price: INR 2300 for 100 ml

I never used an overnight mask before I bought this one. The whole idea of an overnight mask really appealed to me, and the fact that it belonged to their famous moisture surge range further pushed me towards buying it. The mask comes in pale pink tube with silver cap. The mask itself is a slight pink in color, with no smell to it.

My skin gets a little bit more dry in winters, so I decided to give it an extra pampering. So one night, I put on this mask on my face before sleeping. I just used it like a moisturizer. It instantly made my face plump and hydrated!!! And no stickiness!! I went to sleep like a happy bunny.

The next morning my face felt very soft and hydrated. The mask had performed really well on its promise! But by the evening, I started noticing a breakout on my face.

Nothing to worry, I thought!

It happens sometimes, I thought!

I used the mask again that week, and some new breakouts the next day! 😦

I discontinued the use for couple of days, and decided to use again after my skin healed. And once I again used it, I again had the breakouts! Over the last year, I have tried to use it time and again, with the same results. After I failed to achieve perfect results with it on the face, I started using it sometimes on my dry legs. And it is working fine that way. Probably my face skin is acting too sensitive to the formula, which is making it to break out.

So long story short, Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask definitely does what it claims in broad terms- it hydrates skin well, leaving it soft and plum. But the breakouts after every use are a deal breaker for me.

Rating: 3/5 (Purely because it does what it claims, that is hydrate my skin well)

Flawed or Fab???

Fab with some flaws

Will I repurchase it again??

I will not, but only because of the breakouts it gives me.

In case you think that your dry skin can handle it, you should definitely give it a try.

Have any one of you had similar, better or worse experience with Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask??? Please share in the comments.



Clinique Clarifying Lotion-Skin Type 2

Here I am writing my first review, still a bit undecided where to start.  I will be reviewing the Clinique Clarifying Lotion for Skin Type 2, which currently retails for INR 2800 for 400 ml.

20151124_154934.jpgBefore heading to the actual product review,let me give a background to my skin. I have been careless about my skin throughout my school and college life, and even after getting married. Fortunately enough I did not have any major skin issues growing up- my skin was on oilier side at that time, still no major acne or any other problems. I was careless about what I was using on my face, or should I say what I was not using on my face. I hated using sunscreen(still hate it) as it made my skin feel sweaty and unable to breathe. So far so good….

But over the last 2.5 years,my skin started feeling the toll of all the neglect. My skin started feeling stretchy all the time and no amount of moisturizer made it feel better for more than a couple of hours. It started looking dull and lackluster, and pigmentation started to be obvious.

It is then that one day I decided to do something about it. I was visiting Ambience mall in gurgaon, and decided to go to Clinique. The SA there listened carefully and examined my skin. His assessment was that I was Skin type 2 according to clinique, which is dry combination, and I was on the drier side. I bought their 3 step skin care regimen, and I have been buying some of the products since.

This clarifying lotion is the second step in the process, to be used after the face wash and before the moisturizer.Just put on some cotton and clean skin in one direction.It claims to remove dull,flakes to uncover skin that’s vibrant,glowing,refines pore and helps skin accept moisture.

I have been using it for last 2.5 years and I LOVEEEE it!!!! It actually removes all the dead skin and dirt and make your skin ready for next step.I really see a major difference if somehow I skip it for a day or two… the dead skins on the cotton pad say it all. If I have to choose only one product of the clinique 3 step regime, then it is a hands down winner. One of the rare products that I stock up in my stash. Only the price is a bit on higher side, but if you can spare some bucks, it is a must try product.

Price: INR 2800 for 400ml(smaller size available too)

Rating:4/5 (1 point deducted only for the price tag)