Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Review

Today I will be reviewing the Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit, which I received as a part of my February Envy Box. I received a decent sample size, and used it a couple of times already. I thought of sharing my views on the products I received this time as all sample are decent sized to use and find out whether I liked it or not.

Price: INR 1675 for 50 gm


Product Details (As per website):

This nourishing face scrub, hand-pounded to the right consistency, blends fresh organically grown Dates, Peaches and Almond seeds with rich Apricot Kernel oil, pure Honey and finely milled Almonds to gently exfoliate dull cells, revealing a beautifully polished and glowing complexion.

Product Benefits:

Derived from the unique Fal Yukth Gharshan Lep, this facial scrub uses a variety of fruit with exfoliating properties along with other natural plant extracts. These ingredients are fermented by placing them in terracotta jars buried under the ground for many months, and then blended with herb, root and flower infusions to create a highly nourishing and deep cleansing scrub.

How to use:

Use a small amount on damp skin and rub gently to cleanse. Rinse well.

Since I have a sample of this product, I don’t know actually about the packaging apart from that it comes in a tub form, like many other products of Forest Essentials. The scrub is a thick sticky paste, and is dark brown in color. It looks like some sort of chutney or thick jam. There are some coarse granules visible in the paste itself.

Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

I find the scrub too thick in consistency. It applies well only on moist face, after the scrub has been diluted a little as well. The scrub is mainly smooth, but it has some coarse granules which are a bit too harsh on sensitive skin. Since I have a sensitive skin, I find it difficult to prevent them from irritating my skin a little.

The good thing is that it leaves the skin smooth and polished after use. It is a good scrub to use at nose and chin area, which normally have more black heads than rest of the face. But still one has to be careful about the pressure. It also imparts a slight glow to the skin, and it looks a little more hydrated.

There is another issue that I faced with this scrub. I normally use my scrub after washing my face with a face wash, and I rinse my face just with plain water after using a scrub. With this scrub, there was a layer of residue left on my face which comes out only when I clean it with face wash or toner. That is not something that I have faced with any of my scrubs before, and I don’t like it.

Also, the smell of this scrub is not very pleasant. Although it has hints of rose to it, but the dries fruits overcome it and the smell of the fermented fruits is bothersome to me. Unfortunately, the smell lingers on the skin for a long time as well.

So in my opinion this Forest Essential Facial scrub is a bit harsh for sensitive skin on a regular basis. I scrub my face 2-3 times a week, and I can think of using it once a week max. This scrub will be better for people with normal non-sensitive skin, if they can go past the smell. For me, it is a very average product, not worth the money that you have to spend on it.

Rating: 3/5

I know many of you might have already tried this Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit.I would love to hear your experiences with this one.