My Latest Impulse Purchase….

The wedding season is picking up slowly. I am having a wedding in my family next week as well…. my youngest brother is getting married. So the preparations are already in full swing. Though I had already finished a majority of my shopping, my hubby’s shopping was still pending. And yesterday we finished a major chunk of that as well.

So… as it happens with many of us, after we finished our shopping and were heading to have some coffee, something caught my eye. We passed by Nine West store, and there I caught a glimpse of a pretty clutch displayed in colors gold and and silver, and I had to stop.

I entered the store to have a look, after having a go ahead from my sweet hubby, and I was totally in love with what I saw. And it was available in other colors as well….. a pretty black and a bronze. So guess, which one I ended up buying…


Yes, the BLACK one!!! One of the sarees that I am planning to wear at the wedding is a very modern looking pretty pink and black… and I feel this clutch will go perfectly with it. And it will go equally well with western outfits as well. It is elegant, chic and very sophisticated.It is a little shimmery black piece with gold colored hardware…. a classic combination in my opinion.


The only downfall was that since it was the fresh stock, there was no discount going on.I normally don’t like spending this much money on a clutch, because I find it has a limited utility. But it was hard for me to say no to this one. Hope to enjoy this one as much I think I will!!! Anyone looking for a classy clutch should definitely check it out.

Price: INR 5890

Colors: Black,Silver,Gold,Bronze